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 Please help build this information base, share your Fostering experiences.
All experiences welcomed.
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Looked After Children can be amongst the most vulnerable, damaged, hurt or needy individuals within our communities.

 Foster Carers can, and very often do, play an invaluable role in creating a better life for these children and young people. The aim of this site is ambitious, yet it is to create the largest information base possible of Foster Carers sharing their experiences of caring.

 I have been fostering long term, short term, and respite now for over 6 years. However, before making the final decision to become a Foster Carer I would have welcomed more “real life” experiences and insights from carers themselves to inform and help my decision making process.

 Sadly, I found this information lacking, almost impossible to find, especially from a very wide cross-section of Foster Carers. Therefore, I hope in creating this site we can provide a wealth of information, experiences and insights that could benefit an array of individuals, including; people considering Fostering, Social Workers, Researchers, Academics etc…

 I urge and welcome contributions from Foster Carers including; established and experienced carers, single carers, long and/or short term carers, respite carers, carers specializing in care of particular age groups or needs, lesbian or gay Foster Carers, new Foster Carers or anyone else willing to share their experience of Fostering.

I also welcome contributions from adults who have had experience of being in Foster Care when they were younger - so again, future Carers can benefit from these insights and learn to be even better carers and meet the varying needs children and young people present.

 I welcome a “keeping it real” approach, meaning – success stories, and what can work, difficulties, coping mechanisms or anything else you believe other carers could benefit knowing about the realities of Fostering for Looked After Children.

 From my own experience Fostering can be the most rewarding yet demanding, exhilarating yet tiring, sad yet joyous experience that I have ever had. It truly is a life changing experience – but personally one I have not yet had reason to regret.

 Please contribute – together as Foster Carers we can not only create positive life changing experiences for the children and young people we care for – but we can also better prepare potential Foster Carers  with what to expect and deal with on a day – to – day basis, plus the complex realities this role demands. I will ensure that your contributions are kept anonymous if desired and please make sure the identity of all children or young people you have in the past/presently caring for cannot be identified. – It is not necessary to identify which agency or local authority you care for.

Together we will make a difference!!! The investment of your time in making a contribution and telling your personal experiences - can only ultimately contribute to improving the quality of Fostering that children and young people may encounter.

 Please help build this information base, share your Fostering experiences.
All experiences welcomed.
Please Click Here to send your contribution.


 Foster Care

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